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LouAnn Muhm: Poetry Editor

LouAnn is a poet and teacher from Park Rapids, Minnesota. She received her BA in English from Iowa State University and has has taught public school since 1985, as well as numerous poetry workshops. Her poems have appeared in Dust & Fire, The Talking Stick, North Coast Review, Alba, Red River Review, Eclectica, Poems Niederngasse, Creekwalker and CALYX, and she is a recipient of the 2006 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in Poetry and an Individual Artist Grant from Region 2 Arts Council (2007). Her chapbook Dear Immovable was published in 2006 by Pudding House Press, and her full-length poetry collection Breaking the Glass was released in May 2008 from Loonfeather Press. Dear Immovable was reviewed on Women Writers back before she became an editor, and we are very happy she has now joined the staff.

LouAnn's statement of what she is looking for in poetry (poetics):

Emily Dickinson famously said "If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry."

For me, Dickinson's is only one experience of a powerful poem. Just as powerful are the poems that worm their way in, quiet, sure-footed, and illuminating. Poems that show me what I didn't know I knew, that connect me more deeply to language and to the world, that teach me a new way to see--those are the poems I look for. Maybe the poem is introducing me to an experience I've never had, or maybe it is showing me a different facet of a thing I see every day. Either way, I want to come away with a new perspective.

LouAnn has a webpage at: http://www.louannmuhm.com

You can send her submissions at the email address above, substituting the things in [brackets] for what is inside those brackets.
Please check the submission guidelines before sending your work.

author photo by Steven R. Peterson, used with permission

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