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Dr. Kim Wells
General Editor

Kim has an Ph.D. in English Literature, with a specialty in American Women Writers from Texas A&M University and used to teach at Texas State University. Nowadays, she teaches at LSU Shreveport and chases after her twins. She is also the editor/creator of another award winning on line journal, Domestic Goddesses, about several of her specialty authors. She writes poetry, and fiction, and is trying to scuplt her first novel, about witches and midwives & the weather, into being, as well as turn her scholarly manuscript on witches into a publishable text.

Experience: Kim has been designing webpages for many years and once even had her own small business webpage design company. She teaches technical writing, composition, and literature courses and has worked in a ton of different jobs ever since her first one, at age 10, helping the librarians with the summer reading program. You didn't really want to see it, but here's a link to her vitae anyway.

Education: Kim graduated from Texas A&M University in greater Bryan/College Station in 2007. Some of her current interests are Women & Science Fiction, autobiography & class, Zora Neale Hurston's WPA writings (published as Go Gator, Muddy the Water) and the way the Internet both increases literacy and access to great stuff, and, when abused, potential for plagiarism and cheating.

Personal Info you didn't really need to know: Kim has been married since 1993 to her hubbie, Andrew. We live in Louisiana and some day hope to live in either "beach front or high desert." But we might just stay here too. In July of 2005, she became a mom for the first time, and as usual, is being an over achiever about it-- had twins!! (One boy, one girl). See the first poems I ever wrote about them both, below.

You can read her personal blog, with poetry, fiction, teaching stuff, musings about feminism and whatnot (hee hee I said whatnot) right about here.

 For Maia: After Sonogram For Sean: Sonogram Picture


Goddess in Waiting

She seems to smile
see her teeth there–
waiting for joy.

Trying to catch a photo of her mouth,
her tiny tounge creeps out,
raspberries ready.

She flips, curls into a ball
refusing to be measured properly, illusive.
Straightening comfortably after we move on.
Playful already. Girlchild hiding low.

Change a syllable and she is:
Energy, constant driving movement of the universe.

Try to get a good photo of her heart,
and she holds her hand just so–
casts a shadow,
veils those fluttering four chambers.

Her heart is her own, to be revealed in time.
Though not today.

Maia: nurse, mother, goddess of spring.
Woman-to-be, who will
hold in herself the same gift of life as she is now to you.
Daughter of the man
gently cradling the weight of the world on his shoulders.
She hides.
A star to come.



for all the mythology allusions, click here


Sighting Butterflies

The Celts thought that women became pregnant by swallowing butterfly souls-- unknown.

His heart
captured on film,
contracting, white light echoes.

Shapes for a moment-- frozen–
a butterfly.

Rebirth, transformation. An
always moving
beautiful life

His heart
still fighting to grow,
will be fierce.
He will give that heart to you
a million times over.

And you would do anything
to protect that butterfly heart
from the pain you know will happen
the loss you know is inevitable in time.

And you will teach him:
Savor that sweetness.
Rest your wings in sunshine.
Fly higher, forgetting the ground,
forgetting the caterpillar’s gravity-bound toil.

His heart
waits for summer.
Wings beating slowly, now, resting,
anticipating the flurry
of bee-laden yellow zinnias and their intoxication to come.

Your heart
contracting , quietly hidden anticipation:
smiles, tears, the smell behind his neck
of little boy like wet shaggy dog.

Your heart
shapes for a million frozen moments–

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