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Cheryl Townsend: Book Reviewer

Cheryl A Townsend is a poet, avid photographer and the onetime publisher/editor of Impetus magazine, which she published through Implosion Press. Implosion Press now proudly publishes epitome magazine, a regional magazine that celebrates the arts, minds and ambitions of women in NE Ohio. She is the co-founder of the Womens Art Recognition Movement (W.A.R.M.), based in the North Water Street Gallery in Kent, OH and used to be the owner of cat’s Impetuous Books & stuff, also in Kent, where she specialized in small press books and held regular poetry readings, art exhibits and live musical performances. She also does BROD (Book Reviews On Demand) for various other publications. In 2004, she played Jesus in the indie film Jesus & Her Gospel of Yes, produced & directed with Al Eaker which should be available on DVD soon. There is a taped phone interview of Cheryl with Belinda Subraman, of Gypsy magazine and so much more fame up for your listening pleasure at Belinda Subraman Presents.

An art review/interview Cheryl did on/with NE Ohio artist, Rebecca Urbanski is in the Winter 2008 issue of Oranges & Sardines. Full color glossy reproductions of selected pieces are available for viewing and your own analysis at : Oranges & Sardines Issue 3, Winter 2008.

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