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Many Faces to Many Places

ISBN: 1-594678-66-9

By Judy Azar LeBlanc

Review by: J. Kaval


Many Faces to Many Places written by Judy Azar LeBlanc, author of several books on spirituality, is an inquiry into one's spirit. The inquiry is brought out allegorically using the medium of fiction, and that is done beautifully by the author. 

The name Many Faces is reflective of a young and hungry soul who escapes from the clutches of a witch (Avidhya= ignorance) and is guided by 'Eyes of Faith.' Many Faces encounters both friends and foes of the human soul, the capital virtues and vices. Finally Many Faces along with the Dove of peace, Eyes of Faith and Elusive the Golden Butterfly of Happiness reaches the radiant light of Freedom that engulfs her, and she feels born again.

The readers will find in the book the author's reflection on time, nature, life, birth, marriage, love, faith, death and freedom. These are put forward from a new angle though the themes are age-old but will certainly help the novices and the aspirants of spiritual life. For example, Faith is the evidence of things not seen, but the hope for them. Therefore, hope for that which is not seen, and know that which is hoped for - will come about (86). Love is like the sun. It has no price, for it is a gift that is given freely to all of us. Therefore, when it comes to you, receive it joyfully and from it give freely, by doing so, it will grow and strengthen. Hoard it, and it will surely die (80).  And so there are many points for meditation.  The language of the author is mellifluous.

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