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We are Not Spammers!!
Kim Wells, Editor

Spam & Women Writers domain

Women Writers, A Zine, does not send out spam. We have a listserv, to which you can subscribe, but we have never ever sent a piece of spam to anyone.

However, our email address has been illegally spoofed/forged by countless spam programs, apparently. This is something I have recently learned and am not exactly sure how to fix.

Because we have been an active website at this domain name for about ten years, we have had a lot of time to get noticed in search engines. So, if you have received a piece of spam, especially if it has an attachment or asks you for any information, do not open the attachment. Do not send any information out. It was NOT US. We do not want that information.

Rest assured that

  • We at Women Writers did not send you an email about Viagra, or dating, or any other spam type email
  • We are horrified at such a problem and are doing are best to fix it.

It makes me so mad that this enterprise, which I started as a labor of love and which I have paid good money to keep running, not to mention my own efforts, has been tainted by this problem.

If you need more information, you can contact me at kimwells[at]womenwriters[dot]net and I will try to explain.

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