Review by: Moira Richards

May 2003

Thoughts While Having Sex
By Stephanie Lehmann
ISBN: 0-7582-0333-0

The cover reads: "Sometimes finding great sex in the city is a no-brainer..."

Thoughts while having sex --an interesting, perhaps self-negating concept? If one is trying to think, then sexual activity will certainly interfere with one's thought process. And if one is indulging in sexual experience, then entertaining simultaneous cerebral activity must surely reflect in an uncomplimentary way upon the efforts of one's partner? I approached Stephanie Lehmann's book that bears this intriguing title, with a hot pink stripe of color on its cover, with considerable curiosity.

I hoped to find here a light-hearted, entertaining and escapist read, and I was not disappointed. The happy bonus was that Lehmann writes witty, engaging prose (and dramatic dialogue) and that she has intimate experience of behind-the-scenes theater.

The tale of the (hang)ups and (let)downs of twenty-something, playwright Jennifer Ward's almost non-existent love life is set against the backdrop of an Off-Off Broadway theater production, and it is fascinating to get some idea of the process and challenges that come into play in order to take a script from the paper it is printed upon, to a full performance under the lights for a paying audience.

If summer is approaching your hemisphere, save this one for a lazy day on the beach, and if you are on the other side of the world, curl up with Thoughts While Having Sex to warm you against the winter. Either way, next year you'll be scouring the bookshelves in the hopes of finding that Lehmann has published another novel to follow this debut.

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