Welcome to the academic, sometimes seriously scholarly stuff.  All of these papers are here for you to explore what we're thinking about women writers and women's issues. Some of them are more in the "autobiographical essay" category, but are still thoughtful discusisons of women's lives/writing/etc.

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Special Summer 2002 Autotheory Issue
Special Summer 2005 Feminist Mentoring & the Text Issue
Special Spring 2007 Issue: Digital Eves

Kim Wells,

Thoughts on Women Writers: A Speech

Natasha Whitton

"Me! Books! And Cleverness!:" Stereotypical Portrayals in the Harry Potter Series

Maureen Alsop

Peristaltic Googlism and the Metaphysics of Ephemera 

Julie Buckner Armstrong

Silencing Voices

Heather Campbell

Join the Club: Women's Reading Trends in the 20th Century

Patricia A. Crouch

Gender in the Jungle: The Voyage Out as a Response to Heart of Darkness

Alyssa Colton 

Excerpt from "A Manifesto for a Feminist Narrative Poetic" 

Rosemarie L. Coste

La Llorona y El Grito / The Ghost and The Scream: Noisy Women in Borderlands and Beyond

Christine Daley

Ghastly Confidences: War and Transgressive Sexuality in Sylvia Townsend Warner's "A Love Match"

Channie Greenberg

Parenting Teens after the Advent of the Internet
Under the Hood

Karen Alkalay-Gut 

Dressing Up for a Book Party 

Sarah Griffin

Becoming a Feminist in the Bible Belt

Read a response to the above essay

Thomas Hallock

Patriarchy Meets the Man-Eating Goddess

Lisa Johnson 

The Teacher's Body 

Sarah Klein

New Pedagogy and Practice: Feminism, Composition, and the Computer
Me, You, the Wide World:
Letters & Women's Activism in Nineteenth Century America

Jennifer Love

No Girls Allowed: Women Poets and the Beat Generation

Aurelea Mahood

'Women who write should . . . dress well' 

Noemi Martinez

Clear Lines in Black Boy and Their Eyes were Watching God

James Paterson

An Examination of A Voyage to Russia (1739):
The First Travel Account Published by an Englishwoman

Ann Rakow

Fairy Tales, Feminism, and CHOICE

Nelljean M. Rice

Ceremonies That Defeat Despair: A Reading of Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony

Chris Taylor

Who Goes There and How?:
Lesbians and Disability

Lisa Treviño Roy-Davis

Working Race: Speech, Silence and Women's Work as Racial Politics in Denise Chávez and Ana Castillo  

Juliet V. Waldron

Why I Write "Historicals"

M. Elizabeth Weiser 

Can Women Writers Survive the Creative Writing Workshop? 

Freedonia Woolf

The Manifesta of Fredonia Woolf

If you're interested in learning more about feminist theory and/or women's studies, check out the books on this webliography. 

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