Pauline's Passion and Punishment Graphics.

These illustrations appeared in the original versions of the story, which appeared serially across two weeks' time, in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.

Figure One "In a balcony like a hanging garden, sheltered from the sun by blossoming shrubs and vines that curtained the green nook with odorous shade, Pauline lay indolently swinging in a gaily fringed hammock as she had been wont to do in Cuba, then finding only pleasure in the luxury of motion which now failed to quiet her unrest" (Mask 132).

Figure One:  Pauline and Manuel relax in a private garden. 

Figure Two "If she had lifted her white hand and stabbed him, with that smile upon her face, it would not have shocked him with more pale dismay than did those two words as Pauline shook him off and rose up, beautiful and stern as an avenging angel. Dumb with amazement too fathomless for words, he knelt there motionless and aghast" (Mask 150).

Pauline stands triumphantly over a dismayed Gilbert.