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English 5332.2
Course Syllabus


Author Title Publisher

Cather My Ántonia Houghton-Mifflin (paperback)

Cather Collected Stories Vintage (paperback)

Cather The Song of the Lark NAL Dutton (paperback)

Chopin A Vocation and A Voice Penguin (paperback)

Chopin The Awakening and Selected Stories Penguin (paperback) 

Jewett A Country Doctor NAL-Dutton (paperback)

Jewett The Country of the Pointed Firs Anchor (paperback)

Stowe Oldtown Folks Rutgers (paperback)

Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin Norton (Critical Edition) (paperback)

Stowe Pearl of Orr's Island Scholarly Press

Course Requirements:

Annotated Bibliography:

Select a novel or short story which especially interests you. Prepare an annotated bibliography of criticism dealing with that work. Be sure to use MLA style. In your annotation, briefly summarize the writer's approach and conclusions. Since most of these works have generated an extensive secondary literature, you should focus your bibliography on one particular theme, problem, or aspect of the work. Aim for at least 10-15 entries..

Due Date: October 7

Class Presentation:

Choose two or three of the most interesting or provocative discussions of the work you have chosen. On the day we deal with that work, tell the rest of us briefly what each critic has to say about the work, and use their analyses lead a discussion of that work. Your presentation should be clearly organized, but it may (probably should) be informal; you need not submit any written work at this point.

Seminar Paper:

Write a 15-20 page essay developing your own insights into the work which was the focus of your presentation. Incorporate your secondary sources to provide context for your own analysis. You'll probably want to focus on the critics you dealt with in your class presentation. Sources should, of course, be documented in MLA style.

Due Date: December 9

Take-Home Final:

Write a 4-6 page essay on some problem, theme, or image in the works we read this semester. Develop your thesis through specific examples from works we read, with little or no reference to secondary sources. We will discuss possible topics for this essay on December 9.

Due Date: December 14

Class Calendar:

You should be prepared to discuss the works listed on each of the following dates.

Date: Reading:

Sept. 9   
Sept. 16  Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin 
Sept. 23  Stowe, Pearl of Orr's Island 
Sept. 30   Stowe, Oldtown Folks 
Oct. 7  Jewett, A Country Doctor 
Oct. 14   Jewett, The Country of the Pointed Firs 
Oct. 21  Jewett, "A White Heron" "The Flight of Betsey Lane" "The Only Rose" "Miss Tempy's Watchers" "The Town Poor" (this and the stories above are collected with Pointed Firs) "The Foreigner" (distributed in class) 
Oct. 28   Chopin, The Awakening 
Nov. 4  Chopin, "At the 'Cadian Ball" "Désirée's Baby" "The Story of an Hour" "A Pair of Silk Stockings" "The Storm" (this and the stories above are collected with The Awakening
Nov. 11  "A Vocation and a Voice" "Elizabeth Stock's One Story" "Two Portraits" "An Idle Fellow" "The White Eagle" "Two Summers and Two Souls" "The Falling in Love of Fedora" "Lilacs" "Juanita" (this and the stories above are in A Vocation and a Voice
Nov. 18  Cather, The Song of the Lark 
Nov. 25  Cather, My Ántonia 
Dec. 2  Cather, "Coming, Aphrodite" "Paul's Case" "A Wagner Matinée" "The Sculptor's Funeral" 
Dec. 9  Cather, "Neighbor Rosicky" "The Old Beauty" "The Enchanted Bluff" 
Dec. 14  6:30-9, Final