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(Consult DLB Volumes 1, 42, and 73)

Note: For descriptive bibliography of complete works, consult "Sarah J. Hale." Bibliography of
American Literature
. Comp. Jacob Blanck. Vol. 3. New Haven: Yale UP, 1959. 319-340.

Works Written by Hale:

The Genius of Oblivion: and Other Original Poems. Concord, 1823.
Northwood: A Tale of New England. 2 vols. Boston, 1827. (Republished as Sidney Romelee: A Tale of New England. London, 1827)
Sketches of American Character. Boston, 1829.
Conversations on the Burman Mission. Boston, 1830.
Poems for Our Children. Boston, 1830.
The School Song Book. Boston, 1834. (Republished as My Little Song Book. Boston, 1841)
Traits of American Life. Philadelphia, 1835.
The Good Housekeeper; or, The Way to Live Well and to Be Well While We Live. Boston, 1839.
Keeping House and House Keeping. New York, 1845.
Alice Ray: A Romance in Rhyme. Philadelphia, 1845.
"Boarding Out." A Tale of Domestic Life. New York, 1846.
Three Hours; or, The Vigil of Love: and Other Poems. Philadelphia, 1848.
Harry Guy, the Widow's Son. A Story of the Sea. Boston, 1848.
Woman's Record; or, Sketches of All Distinguished Women, From "The Beginning" Till A.D. 1850. New York, 1853. (Revised and enlarged in 1855 and again in 1870.)
Liberia; or, Mr. Peyton's Experiments. New York, 1853.
Manners; or, Happy Homes and Good Society All the Year Round. Boston, 1868.
Love; or, Woman's Destiny. A Poem in Two Parts: With Other Poems. Philadelphia, 1870.

Works Edited by Hale:

Flora's Interpreter; or, The American Book of Flowers and Sentiments. Boston, 1830. (Revised and enlarged in 1856 and 1860.)
Good, John. Mason. Good's Book of Nature. Boston, 1834.
The Ladies' Wreath; a Selection from the Female Poetic Writers of England and America. Boston, 1837. (Enlarged in 1839.)
Taylor, Jane. The Pleasures of Taste, and Other Stories. Boston, 1840.
Aikin, John. The Juvenile Budget Opened. Boston, 1840.
Barbauld, Anna Letitia. Things by Their Right Names, and Other Stories, Fables, and Moral Pieces, in Prose and Verse. Boston, 1840.
The Countries of Europe, and the Manners and Customs of Its Various Nations. In Easy and Entertaining Verse for Children. New York, 1842.
Gift to Young Friends; or the Guide to Good. New York, 1842.
Good Little Boy's Book. New York, 1842.
Good Little Girl's Book. New York, 1842.
Happy Changes; or Pride and Its Consequences. New York, 1842.
Short Tales in Short Words. New York, 1842.
Spring Flowers, or the Poetical Bouquet. New York, 1842.
The Three Baskets; or How Henry, Richard, and Charles Were Occupied While Papa Was Away. New York, 1842.
Uncle Buncle's True and Instructive Stories, about Animals, Insects, and Plants. New York, 1842.
The Wise Boys. New York, 1842.
The Opal; a Pure Gift for the Holy Days. MDCCCXLV. New York, 1845.
The Opal; a Pure Gift for the Holy Days. MDCCCXLVIII. New York, 1848.
The Opal; a Pure Gift for All Seasons. New York, 1849.
Hughs, Mary. Aunt Mary's New Stories for Young People. Boston, 1849.
The Crocus: A Fresh Flower for the Holidays. New York, 1849.
The Poets' Offering: For 1850. Philadelphia, 1850. (Republished as A Complete Dictionary of Poetical Quotations. Philadelphia, 1850. Republished as The Poets' Offering: For 1851. Philadelphia, 1851.)
The Ladies' New Book of Cookery: A Practical System for Private Families in Town and Country. New York, 1852. (Republished as Modern Household Cookery. London, 1863. Enlarged and republished as Mrs. Hales' New Cookbook. Philadelphia, 1857.)
The New Household Receipt Book. New York, 1852. (Enlarged and republished as Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the Million. Philadelphia, 1857.)
The White Veil: a Bridal Gift. Philadelphia, 1854.
The Bible Reading Book: Containing Such Portions of the History, Biography, Poetry, Prophecy, Precepts, and Parables, of the Old and New Testaments, As Form a Connected Narrative, in the Exact Words of the Scripture. Philadelphia, 1854.
The Letters of Madame de Sevigne, to Her Daughter and Friends. New York, 1856. (Revised and reprinted in Boston, 1869.)
The Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. New York, 1856. (Revised and reprinted in Boston, 1869.)

Critical Works About Hale

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