Domestic Goddesses
A Moderated Electronic-Journal
Published as a reference and Internet source for academic and casual research.
I used to have email addresses for all the listed authors-- but, academics are a well-traveled bunch, and most have changed addresses and not gotten back to me. So if you need info, please contact me and I'll do the best I can.

Moderator/ Reviewer
Dr. Priscilla V. Leder, Associate Professor
Southwest Texas State University.   Email.


Kim Wells, Texas A&M University. Email.


Sandra Alagona.
Robert W. Anderson.
Angela R. Adams, Mills College
Sharla Bell, Texas A&M University.
Linda J. Byrd, Ph.D., Sam Houston State University.
Tammy Clemons, Berea College.
Brannon Costello, University of Tennessee.
Kathleen Costello-Sullivan.
Floramaria Deter, CSU Sacramento.
Cody Griggers, Princeton University.
Robert Hardy.
Joel B. Henderson, Chattanooga State Technical CC.
Li-Dai Lu, Southwest Texas State University.
Sarah Klein, University of Maryland, College Park. .
Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay. Literature, Languages and Cultural Studies Librarian, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Joy L. Linsley, University of St. Thomas.
Erin E. MacDonald, University of Waterloo, Ontario.
Michael James Mahin, San Diego State University.
Bonnie Melton, Northwestern University.
Melissa Richardson, Southwest Texas State University.
Emily Smith-Riser, Southwest Texas State University.
Beth Dalia Snyder, SUNY-Buffalo.
Russ Sprinkle, Bowling Green State University.
Margaret Strickland, Texas A&M University.
Tracey Thornton, Old Dominion University.
Elizabeth Weiser, Southwest Texas State University.
Amy Wolf, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Last update: May 2003