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Kate Chopin photo-- made to look somewhat Warholesque, caption reads:  "what if Andy Warhol met Kate Chopin?" I am providing a number of links to these e-texts, because often, these move and are difficult to find... try one, and if it doesn't work, keep looking.

A collection of several of Chopin's works, including "The Awakening," "A Pair of Silk Stockings;" "A Reflection;" "A Respectable Woman;" "Awakening;" "Awakening (zip file);" "Beyond the Bayou;" "Desiree's Baby;" "Ma'ame Pelagie;" "The Kiss;" "The Locket". All from the University of Maryland.
Awakening Text Download the from Project Gutenberg.
The Awakening A copy of the Awakening from Virginia's E-text project.
The Awakening A short plot synopsis of the 1899 text; you can also download the text here.
E-Text of "Portrait of an Hour" one of Chopin's most anthologized short stories. See also this very short "Portrait of an Hour" critique by Jennifer Haywood at Western Illinois University.
Bayou Folk HTML or SGML files. Includes illustrations.
Ozeme's Holiday e-text of a short story originally published in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine in 1896.
Regret e-text of a short story originally published in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine in May 1895.



Biographical Info, Link Collections & quirky stuff

Chopin's Home in Cloutierville, Louisiana, accompanied by an essay by Linda McGovern on her visit to the home. Includes a photo. From the Literary Traveler Links collection.

another link to Her home in Cloutierville-- the Bayou Folk Museum. Includes short biography, a photo that is not shown on this site, and some analysis of the fiction.

A link to a page about Grand Isle, frequent setting for Chopin's fiction, with an interesting essay, also by Linda McGovern. Also, they made a movie, called Grand Isle based on Chopin's story--produced and starring Kelly McGillis (from Top Gun). I have seen this movie, it's pretty good. Howeve, watching the movie is NO SUBSTITUTE for reading the book. The movie has some differences which, if your teacher is testing you, might mess you up.

Biography Biography of the writer's life as well as a chronology writings and publications-- by Neal Wyatt.

St. Louis Walk of Fame A very short biography in honor of her inclusion on in St. Louis' Walk of Fame.

Audrey Hoffman's Page A detailed page with biograpy, list of her works as well as a short list of secondary sources.

List of useful Chopin Links, includes a number of her stories, bibliographies, and selected writings pages.

Genny Lee's Chopin page, Links and criticism--includes a few student essays. The only trouble with this one is tons of pop ups which are very intrustive. When will these web-hosting services learn?

MSN Encarta Encarta Encylopedia's entry on Kate Chopin, includes a very few links.

The Projects in American Literature site on Chopin. Has list of secondary works, some photos, and study questions.

Offsite essays on her work

Kate Chopin, A RE-Awakening Site details a documentary of Chopin's life, produced by Tika Laudun and Lucille McDowell and directed by Tika Laudun, based on a script by Anna Reid Jhirad.

Essay on The Awakening by Patricia Evans, from a special American lit site in Japan. This short essay examines the book's reception on publication, and expresses an opinion about its suitability for high schoolers.

Exploring The Awakening Neal Wyatt, a former VCU graduate student, wrote an extensive study hypertext of the novel in 1995, much of which has been converted here for students to explore in order to understand the text.

Teacher's Resources Biography, bibliography, lesson plans and other resources, created to support the curriculum in English and Language Arts for K-12 educators.

Note: Links frequently move, or disappear entirely. No links collection is ever easy to update. If one of the above links doesn't work, try another. If you still can't find what you need, try a good search engine-- I like Search Mamma Search Engine for new Chopin pages, and Google.com but some links will be "so-so". Then, remember to try the library! Not everything is available online. You sometimes need to pick up a real book.


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