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Chicken Soup for
my Feminist Soul

A List of Fiction
Karen Alkalay- Gut   The Love of Clothes and Nakedness   Mother and Child  Siobhan Benet
Maureen Alsop Hypothetical Octaves in Cerise & Haint Blue    
Joy Arbor-Karnes   Selections Where You Still Are Laura Bork
Kelley Beeson Meal Chipped Trysh Brown

Linda Benninghoff

Butterflies and Other Poems

Five Ways to Eat a Grapefruit Alyssa Colton
Katie Byrum   Meditations on Women    
Katherine Friedrich Elements of the Body Baggage Check  Chris Daley 
 Ann Wood Fuller Untitled Collection Testimonial   Liisa Delman  
 Andree Gendron  GHAZAL Solitude Justine Dymond
Ann Gonzalez Air Born Unraveled: an autobiography  Jenn Faimon
DC Gwinup  Collected Poems Birth Day Emily Gray
Kia Hayes Beneath The Veil The Moon in Hiding  Marione Ingram
Michelle Holland External Validity The River of Living and Dying--a tale of love  Misbah Khokhar
J. Anna Jacus Seeing and Believing Stalking Mr. Right: A How-To Amy Krug
Claire Keyes  What Remains To Be Seen    
Andrea Kenkmann  Thank You and Goodbye All Your Horses Someday Jennifer Lewis
Leigh Kirkland Photographs Fallen from the Family Album Laura   Jennifer Lofquist 
Sarah Klein   Selected Poetry The Smell of Prize Geraniums  Joy Hewitt Mann
Lisa McAllister Blood Ties Bed 14  
Daisy's Construction
Kimberly Moen
Kimberly Moen
Anne Marie Mackler  On a Branch Jabbering: the women who have made me,  One Good Deed  Dani Taylor Neal
Joy Hewitt Mann When We Talk of Love Fiesta de los Linares Janet Arelis Quezada
Rochelle Hope Mehr Poetry and Survival Street Fair  Zoe Randall
LouAnn Muhm Untitled Collection The Fire-Calf  Yolanda A. Reid
Wendy C. Ortiz The Ink of Pomegranate Seeds Poet Meets Counselor Patti See
Laurie Aeta Pollack Stream Pebbles Between Here and There  Jessica Anahid Shadoian
Maria Proitsaki Four Months in Colors (five poems)  Mulberry Absences Kamila Shamsie
Alison Pryer Memories of Japan &
Spirit in Bloom
Wild Plants  Nina Shevchuk
Carrie Teresa Sage Poems  Canyons   Chris Taylor
Aleah Sato No Peaceful Sleep  Pearl Jeanie Tietjen 
Barbara Spring Selections Smiley's Messiah   Kim Wells
Ashlie Sponenberg A Family Scrapbook Portent Joanne C. Hillhouse 
MSSusman Anecdotal Evidence Walking My Sister Home  Holly Zwalf 
T Thomas Native Tongue  
 Shubha Venugopal  American Kitchen Boxes   Judy Kronenfeld 
 Yvette Walker  These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things  The Fat Girl Goes Steady   Kathie Giorgio 
  Kim Wells        Her Side of the Story?
Demeter, Again
Generations  Gayle Brandeis 
The Little Things, by Danielle Boodoo-Fortune' Rainy Day Women, by Barbara Crooker.

 Green Tacos

Heather Bryant 

Red Suddenly, by Christina Pacosz Unforming, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj


 Heather Riccio

Meanwhile, by Ona Gritz Broken English, by Sheila Black

 The Real Truth About The Way They Love Paul

Alexis Quinlan

Southern Woman at School by Tiffany Ball   

 The Muse

Rochelle Potkar

 Getting On, by Carol Brockfield  

 Crazy Broad

 Carol Novack

 darker love poems, by JodiAnn Stevenson  

  St Marg

Mary J. Breen

 Jane’s Garden by J.V. Foerster  


 Martha Luege

 Untitled, by Elizabeth Esris  

 Cooking Lessons

 Nancy Scott Campbell


 Blue Dog

Lavina Blossom

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