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Reviewed in
The Argus Clearinghouse

A Four Stars Site!

Featured July 19, 2000
Called us a "creative feast"

Sept. 29, 1999 
A Netscape What's Cool Award for 9-29-99!

July 19, 2000 

January 2000

Cybermom's Hot Site of the Day Award, November 12, 2000 
Postively reviewed in print journal Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources 25:3, Spring 2004. 27. 1998. Website featured in book, by Dr. Behar-Molad Women Weaving Webs: Will Women Rule the Internet? as one of the "Top 100 Sites for Women". Site number 88 of 100. (Site now defunct, existed for about two years.) The list included such sites as Oprah. (She was a lot higher, though.)  

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