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Did your article inexplicably disappear from the site? This is most likely because of one of these two reasons:

1. we have lost contact totally with you and no longer have a copy of the article so have had to remove the link (in other words, cybergremlins ate your file).
2. The article more properly is a book review and belongs in the book reviews archives
If your article used to be here, is no longer here, and you would like to re-submit your work, contact Kim. If she's feeling ornery, and/or the article no longer meets our needs, we may decline to republish the work.  

Now that we are publishing selected special issues, articles will be archived regularly, even if you have not submitted anything new. In the past, we only archived an article when we received a new one from that author. This led to lots of old stuff on the "new stuff" page. As of May 2003, there is anew policy. This explains the sudden migration of lots of "front page" work to these archives, in case you were wondering.

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