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Kia Hayes

May 2008

Beneath The Veil

A Rishi's Prayer

Speak low whisper
And tell me the way
Of the ancients their truth
Through the eyes of the
Absolute I am a spiral
A thread to this eternity
That shifts moans folds
In on itself when it pleases
I am content with not
Knowing everything I am
Satisfied believing in a sun
And a moon I will not touch
In this lifetime give me the
Courage to speak this truth
Give me the strength to treat
Each breath with patience
Awe, gentleness, gratitude.


What would all this
Love look like
Both of us twinned
And intertwined
Beneath a willow
Tree we slyly, coyly
Embrace, touch
Tongues in prayer
Make love on wet
Earth dream rain
And rainbows
Orgasm to chants
Of tree dwellers
Weep laugh dance
Back into ourselves

Remember .


When nature reveals
What is beneath her skirt
Watch in awe peacefully.


i will hold this breath
deep inside placing
my navel between
the present and eternity

a sweet release, a flush
a careful word to you
inside my head before your
ever watchful seeking eyes

let the word from my lips be
love forgiveness freedom
may I offer you a lotus for
each tear, wound, sorrow.

tonight, with palms upward
face content and moon kissed
let's return to a time when
a silence between the teeth

was not a curse, but a blessing.

The Ceremony

i smell sandalwood
and roasted bird
in the distance a
family of worshippers
sing song their way
to an evening's meal
a child screeches in
disobedient tones octaves
belly full of mischief

he wants to return to the sea.


for those that survived

we gathered your wood
to fuel the fire at night
our medicine men talked
you into revealing your
secrets for our survival
we sat beneath your fronds
and fruits and made wishes
we ate earth beneath your
roots we were unified then
we imitated your stance on
one leg we were warriors
awaiting a cry, a call we
stood grounded in earth
reaching to the heavens
touching ancestral veils
we were kin then
in the new land your
skin bled too easily
our bloods became one
the lash of 'ol planters hands
marked your silhouette on
my back no longer a brother
you became but a voyeur to
the breaking of bones my body
with rope around outstretched neck
became a misplaced note in the air
a faceless bleeding wind chime.

Kia Hayes is a writer and artist currently living in Japan. She has received literature and writing degrees from San Francisco State University and Swarthmore College. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Kia is currently exploring the world and the realm of artistic abundance one country, one city, one community at a time with a pen and paintbrush in hand. Her current projects include an examination of modern haiku literature and Zen inspired art.
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